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Buyers Inspections - (homes under contract)    Pricing 

This inspections is designed to review the fundementals of your new home, report deficienct items and provide opinnions and recommendations to improve and maintain your new home.  This inspection includes a detailed computer generated report with color pictures.  We are required to report using TREC(Texas Real Estate Commission) Standards of Practice and reporting format, including on site consultation and explaination of findings and pictures of items needing repair/replacment or maintenance. 

Seller Pre Sale Inspection        Pricing  
 list items you can repair/improve before listing, to ensure that you do not have suprises when a buyer walks your home or has it inspected (this does not replace a buyers inspection for homes under contract).

Need More Details of Whats Inspected?

Warranty Inspections, Maintenence Inspection:

This inspection uses the same standards as a buyers inspection or can be tailored to your specific needs/concerns.  Reports Major Concerns, Safety Items, Repair Items, Improvement Items
 On Site review/consultation of inspection
 Easy to read Summary report - 
 Pictures of Major,Safety, Repair items
How does this Help Me?  
  Warranty- compiles a list warranty items to be repaired by home Builder before warranty expires- usually completed at 10- 11 months after closing
 Maintenence- a complete update on the current condition of your home, complete minor repairs and maintenence before they turn into more expensive breakdowns and repairs. Improvement tips for energy efficency.

New Construction Phased Inspections:      Pricing

When building a new home you have a unique opportunity to be involved in all aspects of your dream home, Typical phased inspections includs the following.
 Stage 1 -  Slab Foundations - review prepared site before concrete is poured,  report on
                      footings, rebar/cables, plunbing, drains, electrical.

 Stage 2 - Framing Inspection- review structure for proper support features at doors, windows, cielings, floors, attic and roof. Review for proper nailing on decking, roofing and sidings, check stair hieghts,

 Stage 3 -  Electrical, Plumbing,HVAC, This inspections reviews what is going to be inside the walls and floors, your only chance to make sure it is right before it gets covered up. 

 Stage 4 - Insulation and Drywall - validates  process to expectations

 Stage 5 - Final Inspection,  We will review the home to validate that all systems are installed and performing as designed, this report will be used to generate  a final punch list for your contractor to complete.
Commercial Real Estate 


Thank you for your thorough inspection and report.  You were good to work with and easy to speak with.  I would recommend your service to anyone.
Andrew M. Trauger