Residential Home Inspection Prices

Not all Inspections or Inspectors are the same; I walk roofs, crawl attics, go under houses, and open electrical panel boxes and plumbing accesses. please check out our sample reports.

My Promise- Inspect your home as if it were my home. 
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Buyers Inspections/Sellers Inspections 

Base price 325.00 slab homes up 1600 sq. ft
add 5 dollars per 100 sq ft therafter (up 2900 sq ft)
Homes over 3000 sq ft start at 425.00

WDI reports 125.00 for most homes.

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Sprinkler systems and small sheds included at no charge;

We accept checks and cash, will invoice you, bill through title companies at closing (no fee) or we can accept credit cards for a 9.95 fee;

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Book an inspection or call 903-261-9522 to speak with directly (if I dont answer I am on a roof or under a house - I will call you back ASAP, or email me 

I hired Mark to inspect my new construction. He found a very costly error that even the Builder’s Inspector missed. MTK saved me a lot of money and frustration.
J. Graham

  Fees for optional systems and services

  Pier and Beam Foundations        45.00 to 100.00 
  Swimming Pool                         75.00
  Out Buildings  over 200 sq ft      35.00

  Septic Evaluations                     75.00


Warranty Inspection, Maintenence Inspection  
 up to 2400 sq ft                   275.00
 up to 3500 sq ft                   295.00
 over 3500 sq ft                    350.00

 New Home Phased Contruction Evaluations                              

Typically completed in 3 stages
1. Pre-pour: reviews foundation grading, internal design and components before they are covered up with concrete.
2. Complted before drywall is installed- here we check the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, framing design and roof structure.
3. Final Inspection- reviews all remaining visible components, tests all applainces, electrcal, plumbing, HVAC items, as well as ensure that all doors
    windows and fixtures are working propelry, additionally a final check of the grading and drainage is reviewed.

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  Commercial properties
please call for a free consulation regarding your property, we can tailor an inspection to your concerns